Cohoes Pest Exterminator Coffee Shops Near Me – Best Place For Coffee & Tea for a Pest Exterminator in Cohoes NY

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Cake Street Sweets
9 Reviews
Bakeries, Custom Cakes, Cupcakes
190 Remsen St, Cohoes, NY 12047

LePage's Market
20 Reviews
Convenience Stores, Tobacco Shops, Delis
342 N Mohawk St, Cohoes, NY 12047

Guptill's Coney Express Ice Cream
63 Reviews
Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt
1085 New Loudon Rd, Cohoes, NY 12047

Stewart's Shops
1 Reviews
Convenience Stores
480 Columbia St, Cohoes, NY 12047

Dunkin' Donuts
10 Reviews
Coffee & Tea, Donuts
92 Saratoga St, Cohoes, NY 12047

3 Reviews
Fast Food, Burgers, Coffee & Tea
42 Saratoga Ave, Waterford, NY 12188

Cumberland Farms
3 Reviews
Convenience Stores
1093 New Loudon Rd, Cohoes, NY 12047

Golden Krust Bagels
15 Reviews
Bakeries, Bagels, Breakfast & Brunch
638 Columbia St Ext, Latham, NY 12110

Price Chopper
9 Reviews
240 Congress St, Cohoes, NY 12047

B Brewed Agro Grill
17 Reviews
Food Trucks, Coffee & Tea, American (Traditional)
110 Seminary Rd, Milford, NY 13807

Finding a Coffee Shop For Pest Exterminator Near Me in Cohoes NY

Basic Etiquette for Working in a Coffee Shop in Cohoes New York

Here’s a rough guideline of dos and don’ts, some taken from Mashable and experts that they consulted and some from our experience.


  • Buy a drink every 2-3 hours. Mashable’s experts say that this is the sweet spot, but we’d lean more towards two hours, or even an hour and a half, depending on how busy the store is. If it’s rather empty, you have more leeway.
  • Buy food when it’s lunch or dinner time
  • Tip well, if you don’t buy many drinks
  • Use headphones if you need to listen to audio
  • Throw away your own trash after you’re done
  • Keep all your belongings next to you in a compact area


  • Stay for more than four hours without buying something.
  • Camp a table if the store is busy
  • Hold long (2 hour+) meetings, especially if they are loud
  • Take or make loud phone calls, especially if there are others trying to work too
  • Stay the entire day, like it’s your office. If you really must work in a coffee shop all day, relocate to another one after about four hours
  • Take more than one seat
  • Hog a lot of bandwidth on the Wi-Fi
  • Ask staff to watch your stuff, if it’s busy

Have any rules you live by when you’re toiling away in a coffee shop?

Cohoes Coffee Shop Etiquette

Etiquette is, by its very nature, subjective. What’s acceptable today probably wasn’t acceptable 20 years ago, and what’s unheard of right now might be commonplace in a decade. It might also be seen as pedantic to some, because if you boil it down, it’s just an arbitrary set of rules that we all abide by to make all our lives easier.

Pest Exterminator Favorite Cohoes Coffee Shops Open Late

There are many business owners who work from home and like to take advantage of coffee shops open late all around the city in order to set up shop outside of their normal office space in order to just network with other people and even meet clients.

We do it quite often throughout cities in New York so its great to have a resource on Cohoes coffee shops near me when out meeting clients in person (something a lot of Pest Exterminator Cohoes NY professionals don’t get to do).

Photo Credit: emdot via Flickr

Never trust anyone who doesn’t drink coffee ~ AJ Lee

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